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I have reached the point of the evening where dusting the children with water from the tap feels like sprinkling them with holy water.  Instantly washing away the dirt from a days activities.
Listening to joyful laughter coming from the third floor upstairs does not motivate me to move from the couch in the kitchen (why did I think it was a good idea to put a couch in the kitchen?) to the sink to wash the dishes, to the bathroom to wash the children.
It’s a Monday night, Monday of a holiday weekend which means tomorrow is really kind of Monday all over again.  Bookbags are packed, library books have been found.  Notes to retrieve children early for dentist appointments are written, signed, sealed and delivered to the all-important yellow folder.  Looking ahead to this weeks schedule sees no week day night with less than two activities.  Somehow I have failed miserably in the “I will not overscheduled my children or family” goal.
Still it all seems a trivial nuisance when I remember that this is the week, hopefully, fingers crossed, that airline gods will come together for us and we will buy our tickets for South America.  Months before journey, let the dreams begin.
Before tickets can be purchased, before dreams become reality, there are dishes to do and childre’sn hair to scrub.  Jammies to find and bedtime stories to read. Tucking in to happen and re-tucking in along with glasses of water and reminders that even if you slept for an hour in the car ride home today it is still bedtime and tomorrow is another day.

Author: phoebe

a girl, raising little people, making a home, feeding mouths and souls. keeping out of trouble, most of the time.

One thought on “Tonight

  1. I am your devoted reader. I read them aloud to Stan. I will send energy to the travel gods. xo Betsy


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