PaR Cooked

we need a catchy title….


At first, we thought we’d write a blog about food.  One of us has people stop her on the street to say how much they love her cooking.  One of us has spent her life hanging around with people who love to cook and do it well.  We both think about food a lot.  How it’s made, where it comes from, whether we could make or grow it ourselves…and we both often wonder if it’s time for a cup of tea and a snack yet (it almost always is).

We both like to be in the kitchen. At a party we’re the kind of people who always find their way to the kitchen.  We’re there to help cook, to clean, to snack, or maybe just to hide out from everyone else.

The kitchen is where the food is made, but it’s also where so much of our lives happen.   It’s where we think and talk about our lives, ourselves, our children, and our ideas.  Most of the time children interrupt, time runs short, or someone has to eat before we have a chance to finish a thought.  So think of this as our virtual kitchen where we can continue to let our parcooked ideas simmer.

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