PaR Cooked

we need a catchy title….

(P)hoebe of PaR Cooked

let’s go on a journey

you and I together.

I am not sure where we are going, how we are getting there, or when we are leaving, but it still seems like a good idea.


To be fair, I don’t always know how I got here.  It is clear to me that why I am here is important, though at times I need to remind myself of that.  This place I am in seems to float in space, in my mind, blow in the breeze.  And yet, it is so grounded.  Lives being formed, lessons being learned each day.  Being responsible for growing the new additions to our family into people we want to spend the rest of our lives with is difficult and stressful and wonderful and rewarding.

Sometimes it’s the rewarding part that causes so many problems.  Sure, it fills me with warm mushy feelings.  We agree that this period of time spent nurturing them is important and worth the sacrifies.  But what are those sacrifices? How do you really process what you have gained and what you have given up?  Where will I be at the end of this journey?  Is there an end of this journey?  How do I travel down this path taking with me the person I was, the person I want to be and assisting the charges in my care find their own path?


On this journey there are many opportunities for laughter, creativity and fun.  Some days it’s more fun to concentrate on them.  Other days, gray skies and navel gazing is sure to come out.  This journey would not be possible without a few key players.  A strong and supportive husband who keeps us all going, working hard to provide the material with which to create this journey.  But just as important, best friends.  The kind of friend who is there, no matter what.  Who takes in sick kids without thinking, sits on your couch in the middle of the night when you can’t be in two places at once.  Who laughs at you, and with you.  Who helps you choose paths on this journey and knows, often better than you, which paths are best for you.

A friend who is, like you, a little crazy.  In a good way.

A friend who is also on this journey.

A friend who is also not quite done.

A friend who is also, par cooked.

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